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Double head laser welding machine

Double head laser welding machine

The dual head laser welding machine is a new type of fiber optic transmission laser welding machine developed to adapt to the rapid development of the solar energy collection industry market. This machine is specially designed for welding copper tube aluminum plate and copper tube copper plate collectors, which is the first in China and has applied for an invention patent. The entire machine is composed of a laser, laser power supply, optical system, fiber optic transmission system, refrigeration system, CNC control system, etc. It adopts dual fiber optic transmission, and its welding technology is not only flexible, but also greatly reduces the damage to the surface coating; It is not easy to cause deformation of the thin sheet of the metal heat absorber; Open working mode, easy to connect with the upper and lower processes in production, achieving automation of the production line.

Main Features

1. Adopting laser power feedback control system and welding seam visual positioning system;

2. Four axis linkage, precise positioning;

3. Self diagnosis and protection function of laser power supply;

4. High control accuracy and good welding effect;

5. High production efficiency, easy integration into production systems, and automation;

6. Be able to Ф 6 Ф 8 Ф Spot welding of 10 copper pipes and 0.3, 0.4, and 0.5 aluminum plates (copper plates) shall be carried out, with uniform welding points and minimal thermal damage to the coating of the heat absorber, which is not easy to cause deformation of the metal heat absorber sheet and maintains its appearance;

The main frame of this equipment is made of high-quality steel welded, with a computer gray appearance. It is sealed with high-quality Q235A steel plate, with a flatness of ± 0.06mm on the table top. The overall use of a dual station, dual output head four-dimensional workbench, the output head can automatically rotate, suitable for horizontal and vertical welding of solar collectors. The X and Y axes are servo driven, using high-precision ball screw and ball guide rail transmission. The travel of each axis is 3000mm on the X axis and 1200mm on the Y axis The positioning repetition accuracy reaches ± 0.05mm/300mm; The laser head part can automatically rotate (capable of welding horizontal and straight pipes); The spacing distance between each copper tube can be adjusted left and right according to actual requirements. The laser head is equipped with a roller (which runs on the upper end of the copper tube during welding) to ensure that the copper tube and aluminum plate can be completely adhered during welding. The pressure roller is applicable φ 12 φ 10 and φ 8 Three specifications; Industrial PC control, capable of welding full product array points and linear trajectories. The welding trajectory is inputted using CNC programming or teaching methods, and the welding process is automated. The welding program can be modified, and operation and modification permissions can be set; The laser head can adjust the focal length up and down, with a standard 17 inch display.