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Plate tube integrated laser cutting machine

Plate tube integrated laser cutting machine

Plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine, one machine to meet your various needs. The laser power is 1000W-20000W (optional), and the pipe cutting machine can cut square pipes, circular pipes, elliptical pipes, trapezoidal pipes, hexagonal pipes, angle steel, channel steel, H-shaped steel and other pipes and plates. Fast cutting speed, narrow cutting seam, smooth cutting without burrs, no need for secondary processing, small heat affected zone, no deformation of the board, not limited by complex graphics, economical and time-saving.

The tube plate integrated laser cutting machine can cut both pipes and plates, with one machine for dual use and cost saving.

Adopting higher power, imported servo motors, precision grinding of 6-level imported gears and racks, faster running speed, higher positioning accuracy, and longer service life.

The new generation of welded high-strength bed with plate and tube ensures good stability, greatly reducing internal stress in the bed and ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment.

Using imported laser heads, highly digital sensing, precise cutting, high-speed continuous operation, automatic focusing, cutting of different materials and thicknesses, smooth and burr free cutting section.

The control system adopts professional cutting software, and the design is a modular design that integrates various drawing software, making it easy to learn and operate.

The entire series is equipped with high-end pneumatic chucks as standard in the industry, with faster rotational speed and higher efficiency.