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Servo turret punch press

Servo turret punch press

Performance characteristics:

1. High and low speed switching function: The device uses a dual speed motor, and can choose high or low speed according to the punching step and process.

2. The German Siemens CNC system is equipped with a complete set of Siemens servo drives and motors, with high accuracy and good stability;

3. Fully functional: With intelligent clamp avoidance and repositioning function, it can achieve dead zone free processing;

4. The transmission adopts a three-level gear transmission to ensure the accuracy and stability of the turret during high-speed rotation.

5. Pulse encoder semi closed-loop feedback;

6. Taiwan imports precision large lead ball screws, which better ensure machining accuracy and work efficiency;

7. Taiwan imported precision linear guide rails ensure higher precision and longer service life;

8. Brand coupling ensures long-lasting durability and high correction coefficient;

9. Specialized CNC punching programming software to achieve conversion between graphics and code;

10. The board can automatically repeat positioning after the program is executed, with precise positioning, which can achieve large-scale board processing;

11. During batch processing, one click operation can be achieved, which is convenient and fast;

12. The punching machine body adopts a steel plate welding structure, with good rigidity, small deformation, large closing height, long mold guide, convenient and reliable use, low noise, and long service life;

13. Universal ball and brush mixed work table, suitable for punching different plate thicknesses

14. The motor cables are protected by protective wire sleeves, which are oil resistant, waterproof, and pollution resistant;

15. The main electrical components are placed in the electrical box to prevent wire leakage, which is both safe and convenient for maintenance and protection.

16. Equipped with an automatic centralized lubrication pump, the lubricating oil is directly fed into each lubrication point, reducing labor intensity of workers, reducing friction of each motion pair, and improving service life;

17. There is an alarm display for multiple mechanical and electrical faults such as overtravel.

18. Equipped with mold compensation and reverse clearance compensation functions.

19. With breakpoint processing function.