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Closed hydraulic CNC turret

SXOY Series Closed Hydraulic CNC Turret Punching Machine

SXOY Series Closed Hydraulic CNC Turret Punching Machine

Front view:

Opposite view:


  • One punch press integration of machine; electricity; liquid; gas.
  • Punching processing and shallow drawing forming processing can be done by it. 
  • Composed of computer control system; hydraulic power system; servo feeding mechanism; die library(turret) and die selection system; peripheral programming system.
  • Can be customized according to the requirements of the customers, such as throat depth; workstations numbers; color; nominal pressure; and so on.

Work principle:

   Closed hydraulic CNC turret punching machine by the programming software (or manual) processing program; by the servo feeding mechanism sent the plate material to the required processing position; at the same time by the die selection system select the appropriate die from the Turret; by the hydraulic power system according to the procedure of punching, automatic completion of the workpiece processing.


  • High processing precision, stable processing quality, punching accuracy: ±0.1mm, repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.02mm.
  • Various of shape complex parts and shallow drawing forming process, such as louver; shallow deep hole;  flanging hole, reinforcing rib, stamping, shallow bending, forming can be processed by the Closed CNC turret punching machine through adjustment the die and appropriate multi dies linkage.(details as follow)

  • Fast processing speed, high productivity. (Max. Punching frequency: 800/min)
  • With High degree of automation, can greatly reduce the labor intensity.


  • Various shapes and sizes holes and parts can be processed by using the way of single punching or step punching.
  • Widely used in punching processing machinery; electrical appliances; instruments; screens(mesh); hardware; all kinds of metal plates; boxes; cabinets and other industries.
  • Especially suit for batch plate processing.

Main Features:

  • Hydraulic system:

Original imported from Germany "VOITH" company "H+L" brand whole set hydraulic system

  • Hydraulic system is the most important part for hydraulic punch press.
  • With the feature of low noise; high speed; low vibration; nominal pressure constant and stable.
  • With automatic overload protection; full stroke loaded punching; safe;reliable and environmental protection.
  • Different from imported the main hydraulic system components from Germany "Rexroth" company .

CNC system:

FANUC oi-pd (dedicated punching CNC system)


Main Features:

  • Stable; durable; high precision and extremely strong reaction speed.
  • Powerful functions: multiple protections; automatic positioning; graphic conversion; die management; graphic dialog programming; one button operation; failure alarm; and so on.


  • Structure: "O" shape- closed type;
  • High operation stability;
  • High strength 30mm thick carbon steel plate welded;
  • After rigorous integral heat treatment; totally stress relief annealing.
  • Surface blasting treatment.

Feeding mechanism:

  • Wide seat linear guide rail (“HIWIN”original imported from Taiwan
  • Large stroke ballscrew ("TBI" original imported from Taiwan)
  • Lengthen integral crossbeam (up to 3700mm)

Crossbeam and clamps:

  • Lengthen crossbeam, up to 3700mm; integrated design.
  • Clamps adopt full floating structure, with strong enhancing stability.
  • Suitable for processing large plate.

​Turrets and dies:

  • Using high strength wear resist material-ductile iron, with automatic lubrication and minimal wear.
  • After heat treatment to eliminate stress annealing, with good rigidity; stable accuracy; strong anti unexpected shocks; can prolong die service life.
  • Thick turret (upper:80mm; lower:70mm); processed by special fixture in pairs.
  • 85 series long oriented internationally general standard die.
  • With the feature of good neutral; high guide precsion; high rigidity and strong anti side load capability; can greatly prolong die service life.
  • Lateral positioning technology.

​Three stages gear transmission case:

  • FANUC or SIEMENS servo motor.
  • Military technology three stages gear transmission case.
  • Precision Meihua type coupling.
  • Main pneumatic components adopts Japan "SMC" brand.
  • Turrets transmission adopt servo motor drive by chain.


Brush and universal ball mixed worktable


Conveniently replace die function (one key operation)

Repositioning device

Die tray fix

Die base fix

Lubrication device

Safety protection device

Main parameters:

Nominal Pressure:   300 (KN)

Max. Punching diameter:  88.9 (mm)

Max. Workpiece size : 1250x2500/5000 (mm) (optional)

Max. workpiece weight:   350 (kg)

Punching Accuracy: ± 0.15 (mm)

Repeated positioning accuracy : ±0.02 (mm)

Punch stroke: 30 (mm)

Punch frequency: 800 (h.p.m)

Max. feeding speed: 90 (m/min)

Throat depth: 1280(mm) (optional)

Turret rotation speed: 30 (r.p.M)

Workstations numbers: 24/32 (auto index optional)

Die structure: internationally general standard 85 series long oriented                            die

Turret Structure: ductile iron thick turret  

Clamp number: 3

Clamp structure: Full floating

Re- positioning device: Yes

Auto index numbers: 2

Auto index transmission mode: turbine worm transmission

Worktable: Brush and universal ball mixed

CNC system: SIEMENS 802DSL system or FANUC oi-pd

Control axis numbers: 4 axis control

Main motor power: 11 KW

Power supply: (AC/3 PH/380V) 35 KVA

Gas source / Consumption of gas: 0.6 MPa / 0.15 m3/min

Dimensions (L x W x H):5600*4400*2600 (mm)

Machine weight: About 12 T

Main configuration list:

  • CNC system: Germany Siemens 802DSL system/ 1set
  • Servo motor and driver: Japanese FANUC / 4sets
  • Hydraulic system assembly: Germany "VOITH" (H+L)brand
  • Precision ballscrews: Taiwan (TBI)
  • Precision linear guide rail: Taiwan (HIWIN) 
  • Main pneumatic components: SMC 
  • Main electrical components: Germany SIEMENS 
  • International generay type long oriented standard die:homemade 
  • CNC system / Germany Siemens / Japan FANUC

Die instruction:

Die Number A B C D IT
Quantity 18 8 2 2 2
Die Range 3-12.7 12.7-31.7 31.7-50.8 50.8-88.9 31.7-50.8


  • Packing list: 1 
  • Certificate of conformity:  1 
  • Manual (Mechanical):  1
  • Programming manual:  1 
  • Operating manual:  1 
  • Foundation Figure: 1 
  • Electrical schematic wiring diagram: 1 
  • Adjustment iron:  6 
  • Six angle wrench:  1  (M2.5-M12)
  • Compressed air gun: 1 

 User should be prepared:

  • Gas source: 0.6 MPa, dry and clean compressed air.
  • Power: 50HZ, 380V, voltage fluctuation: -10% - +10%
  • Ambient temperature: 0 - +40 
  • Ambient humidity: relative humidity 20-80%RH (non condensing)
  • Away from the strong vibration and electromagnetic interference
  • Less dust, no harmful and corrosive gas environment
  • Users should be selected with 2 personnel to be trained, and make long-term stable arrangement.